Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is a job for Superman

I am the new digital cover artist for Pendant Audio's Lat Son of Krypton audio drama! Each month the Superman Homepage posts the new cover art that goes with that month's audio drama. You can check out the post on the Superman Homepage here or go directly to Pendant and listen to the show here

To the left is a look at the cover without the title and other text. The cover features a brand new Supergirl!

I'm also working on a few new Marvel sketch card series. Spider-Man Archives is set to be realeased this month. My promo cards are to the left. I'm currently working on 200 cards for the new Iron Man 2 set, and 200 more for another Marvel set that I can't say much about just yet. Plus I'm wrapping up work on my last 2 sets of cards for 5Finity productions, a Moonstone set and Zombies Vs Cheerleaders.

thanks for reading my first post. It only gets better from here!