Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bad Dudes

I have been wanting to post this image for a while. I have been doing character designs for the Superman Universe just for fun and these two characters just jumped out at me. I have always liked Darkseid since my days as a youth watching the Superfriends. Doomsday is a character I warmed up to recently. I think he was a great idea, but now whenever he shows up in the comics Superman beats him with one punch and the cool factor is out the window.

Any how. I just wanted to drop this art on yall. Let me know what u think


  1. very cool sir. I wish these movie director's would get smart, make Doomsday a star and do a Death of Superman movie the right way.

  2. Jerry, hands down the Baddest Darkseid I've ever seen! Doomsday lookin' some fierce too! Love these! Oh, and I know what you mean about Darkseid gettin' the pushover treatment. He should be THE beat all, end all villain in the DCU!