Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting the Work in

I spent most of today working on my goals for the year. I had already worked them out, but I'm reading a book about sales and marketing that has really gotten me thinking of new possibilities. I have never been one to set low goals or have low aspirations, but now I find myself thinking that I have been thinking too small after all.

After having crunched some numbers and feeling pretty comfortable with my new goals I thought I would do a quick sketch to stay on my toes. I have never really drawn Goku before, but I was really into Dragon Ball Z for a while. I had always wanted to see what he might look like in my style so I said to my self " there is no time like the present."



  1. Did you ever see the DB move that came out?

  2. Which book have you been reading, Jerry? Have you looked at How to Make a Webcomic by the Half-Pixel guys?