Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sketch Cards all day long!

So I am currently in Roanoke VA doing caricatures with my homeboy Dan "The Man" Smith at the Salem Fair. The fair is pretty much the only retail caricature work I do every year (with the exception of the Super Pet Expo which I hope to do every year). The fair gives me a chance to hang out with Dan and an opportunity to flex my selling skillz. It is thrilling to watch sales add up at the end of the day to prove that I still got it.

Now the fair is great and all, but it is really slow for the first few hours of every day. It gives me plenty of time to goof off, or work. This time around I have chosen to work. I have a ton of sketch card projects to work on so I brought some new Marvel cards with me to get a jump on my deadlines. I knocked out rough lines on 50 cards today and I'll do another 50 tomorrow. I'm trying some new things on these bad boys so I'm hoping you all like them as much as I do. I can't show much of that art right now, but I do have permission to show one card from the Pulp Girls set I worked on recently with Super Real Graphics and 5Finity Productions. You can find out more about the Pulp Girls set here .

Enjoy the work and I'll be in touch soon.