Friday, August 27, 2010

Jose Luise Garcia Lopez!

Oh snap! I just found out that my all time favorite artist and single largest influence on my work Jose Luise Garcia Lopez is gonna be at the Baltimore con this weekend! He is the artist who did the design work for the Galactic Gaurdians Super Friends show (the final season of Super Friends) and did pretty much all the major marketing art for DC comics over the last 25 years or so. Remember Superman peanutbutter or have you ever seen a Superman lunchbox? Yup, he is the guy that did all that stuff and it looks like I'm gonna have a chance to meet him. I have to scramble to find something to get him to sign. I have a few comics that he has done, but I gotta find something really cool for him to sign. I can only hope that when I speak to him I don't get star struck and can still form sentences.

The piece I'm posting today is good example of how his work has impacted my style. I think I just may give him a print of it when I see him at the show.

See yall in Baltimore!

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  1. hey! so i guess u chickened out on the print-giving thing eh?? at least he graces ur drawing board! instantly cooler than mines now. unless i get jackie chan to sign mine. in which case, urs is toast!