Saturday, August 7, 2010


So Every year Peng-Peng and I go to Otakon (really big anime show) in Baltimore and we always have a great time. Normally We will hit the dealer room for almost the entire show and buy a bunch of cool anime related knick-knacks and other goodies and generally soak up all the anime culture. This year we had toyed with the idea of getting a table in artist's alley and setting up to do the show like we would a comic con. We applied on the first day that the show opened registration, but, the show is so popular that we didn't make it in. We ended up being put on the waiting list, and we didn't have much hope that we might actually get a table.

So months pass and the date for Otakon arrives. We head on out to Baltimore to attend the show as fans and BOOM! We find out that we are able to get the Artist Alley table after all. It was great, but terrifying. We had to scramble to put our stuff together for the con, plus I had scheduled a caricature gig during the second day of the show. It all felt like a huge gamble. We had never done an anime show before and we couldn't be sure that our art would be received in a positive way.

Well, let me tell you.... The show was amazing! The fans at Otakon showed us so much love that Peng-Peng and I could hardly believe it. We got so busy that we had to close commissions on Saturday! I did have to leave for about 5 hours to do my gig, but Peng was a trooper and powered the day on her own (there was also this whole thing with someone pulling the fire alarm and let me tell u it SUCKED!).

I know for a fact the we will do everything on our power to do the show as artists again next year, and hopefully some of the other members of ID will be able to make it as well. We always seem to have a greater impact when we r all together.

anyhow, I hope u all enjoy looking at these pics of commissions I did at the con as much as I enjoyed sketching them up!

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  1. Awesome work Jur! I really like the first one and the last one... Maybe you should sign up right now for the show next year!