Friday, October 8, 2010

Still Going

The world has been going pretty non stop for me for the past few months. the projects just keep rolling in. I finished up my 300 Star Wars sketch cards, 100 Marvel sketch cards, 40 Hack/ Slash cards, and picked up a really cool project tht I can't really talk about yet. The Baltimore comic con was amazing. I got to meet my all time art hero Jose Luise Garcia Lopez. He even signed my art board and did a quick Batman sketch for me. The Identity Studio did really well as a group and we had a great time chatting with the crowd and doing sketches.

I'm in for another busy weekend, but before I get nose deep in caricatures and Birthday parties I wanted to share a sneak peak at some new concept art I'm doing for Identity Studio's "The Brotherhood" comic. The whole group is buzzing about bringing the concept back to the front of our project list. We have come up with a really great story and I'll be keeping yall posted as more develops. The art is of my character Impossible (formerly Mr. Impossible). check it out.

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