Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Draw Like the Franchize!

Hello February! I normally go through a huge slow down with work over the winter. Last year I even had to take on a full time job in sales and put my art on hold to make ends meet. This year not so much. My plate is full with paying projects, and Caricature gigs keep popping up at the last second. I'm not ballin outta control or anything (In fact money is pretty tight right now), but I'm not looking for a day job either. I'm very excited that all the hard work I've put into building a name for myself is starting to pay off.

Anyhow, For today's post I thought I would share a little of my technique with yall. The above art is a cover for Pendant Audio's Last Son of Krypton audio drama. So here is how I break it down:

I started this assignment pretty straight forward. I read the script then came up with an idea. i did the thumbnail sketch with a ballpoint pen. Then scanned it into photoshop and pushed and pulled pieces to create the composition. Then I used the pencil tool and my wacom tablet to draw the line art and made the flats with the polygon lasso tool. From there I use the free form lasso tool to create the shadow shapes and to add volume. Now I select the inverse of the shadows and drop in a light color to give the whole piece a mood. Then finally I add some redering to the faces and a few high lights and glows and I'm all done. And below is the finished piece!

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