Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fingers to the Bone

I've been on a crazy roller coaster ride full of great projects since February. It's crazy cuz I'm normally just sitting on my hands just praying for work. This year is it's own animal completely. I've been working with Sean Galloway :iconcheeks-74:
on some of his creator owned stuff, which has been a dream come true. Sean is great to work with plus he has been schooling me in the finer points of the biz. I have also been working on a few story board projects. One of them is for the USPS. It's so funny that I never would have thought I would do story boarding work, but here we are and I gotta say I have loved every bit of it.

I have also manged to squeeze in some small press comic work here and there. I'll be free to post some that soon.

Plus the biggest news for me is that ID Studio is finally back at work on the Brotherhood. There are gonna be some changes to the concept and all the characters have had some new design work done. When the project hits it is gonna blow yall away. I'll see if I can post a small sneak peak next post.

Then last but not least I am finally breaking ground on my new art book! Again there isn't much I can say about it yet, but you can bet I am gonna post new art from it as soon I can.

So in the meantime I'll leave yall with a lil more Pendant art.

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