Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baltimore Comicon 2011

Blam! Baltimore Comicon is finally here. The IDentity Comics Studio team will be at the Baltimore Convention Center this weekend from August 20-21st. Peng and I will have our brand new mini art books for sale at the show. We only have a few left so come by early and scoop one up. We will also be doing commissions and selling prints (we will have quite a few brand new ones to sell). If you have never been to the show before I can tell you it's a great con with tons of artists and lots of vendors to keep you busy all weekend long. So come on by and check us out. It's gonna be good times!

Look for us :
Artist Alley Tables A113/A114

Friday, August 5, 2011

Baltimore Con and New York Con in Full Effect

So to start I wanted to give yall a first look at Identity Comics Studio's "The Brotherhood of Fighters". All of Id has been hard at work retooling our ideas for the Brotherhood and we have some really big things on the horizon. We will be producing a brand new graphic novel featuring these characters. The book will be released in time for San Diego Comic Con in 2012. But we will begin promoting the book right now and we will release a preview book at this year's New York Comic Con.

Aww man! The world tour is going strong. :iconpeng-peng: and I had a blast in SDCC. We really made the best of our time ( I may have even gotten some work out of it)and had an opportunity to hang out with some of the coolest cats in comics. We got to chill with fellow Deviants like :iconcheeks-74: :iconkerong: :icongreenestreet: :iconryanbnjmn: :iconzatransis: :iconshadowgrail: :iconarukun14: :iconkeggo: :iconshaunward: :icondarkkenjie: just to name a few.

From there :iconsauceboy: joined :iconpeng-peng: and I at the Steel City Con where we got to hang out with our homeboy :iconcharactersink: and we met :iconnickmockoviak: . We really had a chance to meet some great people and do a bunch of sketching.

Next up is the Baltimore Comic Con which is our hometown show so we are really gonna go all out. You can look for the :iconidcomics: crew to be in full effect. :icondrummerboydomo: :iconsauceboy: :iconpeng-peng: and myself to be doing commissions signing prints and talking up our book, "The Brotherhood of Fighters". Also the first 4 Deviants to mention this journal will get a free commission! what could be better than that?

Finally :icondrummerboydomo: :iconsauceboy: :iconpeng-peng: and myself will also be setting up in artist alley at the New York Comic Con for the very first time. Again we will all be signing prints and doing commissions plus we will have the preview book for "The Brotherhood of Fighters" in hand and available to buy. Be the first kid on your block to be in on the hottest project we have produced to date!