Thursday, May 31, 2012

Philly Con! and a New Superman!

fun Superman fan art I did with a costume I made up

It's been forever since the ID crew and I have done a Philly con so it really feels great to be going back. Peng-Peng, Flash, and I will be at tables 2003 and 2005 the entire weekend so if you are gonna be at the show we would love to say hi. We'll be doing the usual, signing comics, doing commissions and pretty much chatting it up with all the folks who come by the table.

And because I know all you nice folks can never get enough of my Superman art I figured I would drop the above art on yall. This is another costume idea I had for Supes in a more traditional comic style I've been flirting with.

See ya in Philly!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Signing at Big Planet Comics May 26th

I'll be signing Fanboys Vs Zombies at Big Planet Comics!
Come and see me and Peng this weekend May 26th at Big Planet Comics in College Park, MD this weekend. We draw a supercool book from Boom! Studios called Fanboys Vs Zombies written by Sam Humphries.  Peng and I Will be signing from 1-3pm and I'll have some prints and original art for sale too. Come spend your Saturday at a comic shop and chat it up about zombies and whatever else comes to mind. It's gonna be crazy so come on out.

For more info check out Big Planet Comics here!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Me and Big Planet Comics

Fanboys vs Zombies #2 page 2
 So the big news today is that the fine folks at Big Planet Comics in College Park, Md are gonna have me over for a signing on Saturday, May 26th from 1-3pm. So if you are in the DC metro area come on by and say hi. I'll have some original pages from Fanboys Vs Zombies #1 and #2, and I'll be doing commissions on the spot.We can chat and talk about comics all day. It's all good.
Fanboys vs Zombies #2 page3
 Since FVZ #2 is already out and in shops I figure it's cool to share some art with yall. These are a few of my favorite pages from the book without being to spoilery.  I'm trying to stick as many easter eggs as I can in each page. I think I pulled off a few good ones in these pages.
Fanboys vs Zombies #2 page 15
Here is a pretty good write up on issue #2. Hope yall are enjoying the book so far and if u haven't picked it up yet get out there and grab a copy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Normal Stuff

Avengers sketch by me!

Back into my normal grind after a really brutal week of deadline smashing. I don't have too much to report except to say that Free Comic Book Day was Amazing. It was so much fun to hang out, sign some books, and generally be around cool peeps.

Anyhow, after finally having a chance to see the Avengers I have decided I need to get my but in gear and do a big Avengers piece. 

This is the sketch and I'm hoping it turns out great!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Comic Book Day!

I'll be at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis May5th!

So today is clearly Avengers day and sadly I won't be able to squeeze in a trip to the theater to watch good bash in evil's face until sometime next week. Until then I will just have to be jealous of all u out there who have already seen it.
Amanda commission from C2E2 inked

In other news Fanboys vs Zombies #2 hit the shelves this past Wednesday so if you haven't picked it up yet now is a great time to jump in!
Amanda commission from C2E2 in color!

The big news is that Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day and I'll be signing at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis. We'll be celebrating the stores brand new location in style so if u r gonna be near by come on through and check us out! I'll be doing commissions on the spot and I may even have some original pages for sale.