Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last of the Sketch Cards

Sketch cards for March of Dimes charity auction. He-Man and throwback TMNT

Walking Dead sketch cards by me

More Walking Dead cards by me

These are some sketch cards that I never got around to posting. Hope u all dig em.

Over the last few years I have worked on a bunch of sketch card sets. Sketch cards really played a big part in boosting my career as a pro artist. It gave me a chance to really get my work in the hands of fans and to work on properties that I have always loved and dreamed to work on. I have had the opportunity to draw every Marvel and Star Wars character I could ever want to draw, plus quite a few properties that I never thought I would draw.

The only down side had been that the pay for doing sketch card work really isn't great and you have to do so many of them that it's hard to make a sketch card gig worth while as far as keeping bills payed. The last couple of sets I worked on really came down to the wire to get them done and the stress just gets to be too much.

So for now, I'm gonna be saying goodbye to working on any big sketch card projects. It's kinda sad because there are still a lot of cool projects happening that I would like to work on, but with all the other projects I'm working on it just doesn't make sense.

I still have a bunch of Artist Proof cards from most of the more recent projects I've worked on so if anyone out there is looking for an original sketch card commission just give me a shout. Other than that though I'm gonna have to call it quits.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vs Zombies and Cons

Work has been pretty much non stop for the last 3 weeks or so. It's been great to have so much going on and so many cons to hit up. so far I think me and the ID Crew have done about 12 cons and we just added 2 more. The WV POP CON, Morgantown, WVOctober 6-7, 2012 that me and my team will be guesting at (the show really looks like it's gonna be a blast and I can't wait!). We also just added the
Annapolis Comic-Con | Annapolis, MD, October 27, 2012 another home town show. I can't get enough of the local shows. It's really great to hang out and talk shop with my peeps from around the way.

Me and the ID Crew. left to right: Domo, Flash,  former member Joe, Me, Peng

Hulk commission


Hilk kickin butt

Bats vs Jocker

Green Arrow n Black Canary


Batman and Robin!
Speaking of cons (u gotta love that segway right?!) the Baltimore con was totally off the hook. Me and the crew had the best show we have ever had. Huge thank you to everyone who stopped by to pick up a comic, print, or commission. You guys all rock. I also got to hang out at the BOOM! Studios booth and meet Ross Richie for the first time and sign some con exclusive versions of FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES #1.

All the while Pennie, Flash and I battled to get the latest issue of FVZ out on time. It was a battle of epic proportions, but we made it and I think this issue tops em all so far. Flash and I actually split up the art chores this issue and he rocked out some classic stuff. prepare to get your shoes knocked off.

Kicks of Steel

Heroes in a half shell (plus cap)

And last but not least  the love of my life (PENG) got me some brand new kicks fresh from Krypton to keep me extra fly at this years remaining cons. Yup, I'm a lucky guy. She also found it in her heart to indulge my love of TMNT and got me a set of the figures based on the new animated series. They are lean green fighting machines! Yes, I know I'm a nerd.

Thanks for tuning in folks. More art and news to come!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Can Give as Good as I Get

Fan art by me inspired by Superman 3
all finished up!

So all four of the original Superman movies came on back to back yesterday and I caught a good bit of Superman 3 and got inspired. I know a lot of folks don't really get into that one, but I think It is a great flick with a ton of great moments. my favorite part of the movie is when Superman splits into Superman and Clark and they fight it out at the dump. It's just great on film. so any how I did this sketch yesterday and I had a few spare seconds today so I did a quick color treatment. I'm really hoping I can finish this one up the way I see it in my head. (EDIT: I totally stayed up waaaay to late finishing this up. I wanted it to almost look animated. so there ya go all done!)

There is plenty of other stuff going on right now. I'm doing a few covers and FVZ is in full swing. The Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend so look for me and the ID Crew (Peng, Flash, and Domo) to be set up and selling books and prints. I'll also be doing signings at the BOOM! Studios booth so bring your comics I would love to sign em up!

I'll also have a new Green Lantern print for sale. I really tried hard to get all the important ones in there!

Green Lantern corps fan art by me!