Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Can Give as Good as I Get

Fan art by me inspired by Superman 3
all finished up!

So all four of the original Superman movies came on back to back yesterday and I caught a good bit of Superman 3 and got inspired. I know a lot of folks don't really get into that one, but I think It is a great flick with a ton of great moments. my favorite part of the movie is when Superman splits into Superman and Clark and they fight it out at the dump. It's just great on film. so any how I did this sketch yesterday and I had a few spare seconds today so I did a quick color treatment. I'm really hoping I can finish this one up the way I see it in my head. (EDIT: I totally stayed up waaaay to late finishing this up. I wanted it to almost look animated. so there ya go all done!)

There is plenty of other stuff going on right now. I'm doing a few covers and FVZ is in full swing. The Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend so look for me and the ID Crew (Peng, Flash, and Domo) to be set up and selling books and prints. I'll also be doing signings at the BOOM! Studios booth so bring your comics I would love to sign em up!

I'll also have a new Green Lantern print for sale. I really tried hard to get all the important ones in there!

Green Lantern corps fan art by me!

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  1. Love the Superman 3 inspired art! I agree with you...very cool action in this installment of Chris Reeve Supes films! Love the Supes on Supes violence! You just keep getting better & better @ this! The quality of the drawing, inks & coloring is truly awe inspiring! Damn dude! I can't find the words to convey high enough praise! FREAKIN' AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, ASTONISHING, UNCANNY & MIGHTY GOOD! I like the GL print as well! Fan 4 Life, Guy. Peace.