Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Cover to FVZ #9 art by ME! colors by Gabriel Cassata

Finished inks to FVZ#9 art by Me!

the WV POP Con was crazy fun this past weekend. West Virginia really came out and showed us love. It was great meeting everyone and getting to chat with fans of Fanboys Vs Zombies. One of my favorite parts of the weekend had to be hanging out at the local pub for the afterparty Saturday night. If u ever find your self in WV go check out the Morgan Town Bury and treat yourself to a Triple.

Time is pretty tight right now so I wont have time to post the photos from the show yet, but once we get back from NY I'll have plenty to share.

Speaking of NY the New York Comic Con is just a couple days away and we r full steam ahead getting set to rock the Big Apple. Our tables are P3 and P4 in the Artist Alley . Plus I am doing a NYCC exclusive promo give away. Come by the table and say "WRECKING CREW 4 LYFE!" and I'll sketch up  a zombified version of you. Just one sketch per person please. So come on out and hang out with the me and the crew. The entire ID team will be in attendance PENG, FLASH, DOMO, and me. We'll have prints, books, commissions, and we'll be ready to rock. So come on through. It's gonna be off te hook!

Oh yeah, and guess who is doing covers for FVZ now... yup u guesed it. ME!

More to come. I'll get back with yall after the con!