Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Fanboys Vs Zombies

So issue 8 came out this month and I wanted to share some of the art process that I go through. I always think it's cool to see how other artists make their work happen so I figure I should join in the fun.

FVZ #8 pg 2 rough by Me
 The script just said that Gorillas had broken out into a fight with the zombies and I was like ok, what is the grossest way I can come up with to kill a zombie. This just popped into my head. Later as I was working up the sketch it reminded me of that classic Hulk vs Wolverine page and I decided to really go for an homage I guess.
FVZ pg 2 inks by Me
 The inks are pretty straight forward I think. I wanted to experiment with spot blacks because I don't use them that much and I figured I would give it a shot.

FVZ #8 pg 2 colors Mirka Andolfo
 I think Mirka did a great job on the colors.
FVZ #8 pg 3 rough by Me

 This page was all about a dope action splash for Amanda. She is one of my favorite characters and I just wanted her diving in head first to kick some butts

FVZ issue # 8 pg 3 inks by me

When I got to the inks on this one I realized I really wasn't feeling Amanda's face so I had to rework it to make her more on model. I loved drawing the drooling zombi in the forground.

FVZ #8 page 3 colors Mirka Andolfo
Again, I think Mirka did a great job on colors.

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