Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Commission update and FVZ number 9

So December is here and it's flying by already. There is so much going on right now that my head is spinning. It's all good things and it's great to be busy working doing stuff that I love and would probably still do even if it wasn't my job.

Any how, My wife ,Peng and I are having our Holiday Commission sale and it is still going strong so if u are in the mood for a commission for yourself or as a present for someone else now is the time to hit me up. The sale will continue until December 17th. For more info just click here or just e-mail me @
My prices are at half price until then so hit me up.

SO the big news right now is that my first Fanboys vs Zombies Cover is about to hit stores next week. I couldn't be more excited. Seeing my art on a cover in a comic shop is a dream come true. SO next week get on out there and pick up the book. you won't be disappointed.

So in honor if my first cover I'm posting the cover to issue 9 here and also sharing a look at the cover to issue 10 (I did that one too!) Again, with Awesome colors by Gabriel Casata. That guy is off the hook.

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