Monday, December 9, 2013

Just a quick update folks. Another drawing for Sketches for Haiyan and a quick gimps of this year's Christmas card. I'll be drawing it up this week and mailing it out asap. I'll have a much more in depth post later this week. I've got a lot cookin up right now.


2014 Christmas card sketch

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sketches for Haiyan

 Hey guys,

The IDStudios crew is opening commissions and sending proceeds to the Philippine Red Cross. More info below:

sample of the art you'll get for donating!

Our mission – to get more people to donate to disaster relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. As a thank you, members of IDSTUDIOS will be drawing single-character pencil headsketches for every $26 donation. The $6 will go towards shipping your sketch to you. (We’re only shipping to addresses in the U.S. Sorry, we can’t ship these internationally.) The rest will be given directly to the Philippine Red Cross. Feel free to donate more than $26. If you would like more than one sketch, it’s $26 for each sketch.

If you would like to participate in our mission, please send at least $26 via PayPal as a GIFT to INFO@IDENTITYCOMICS.COM. Sending it as a GIFT will prevent fees from being taken out. We will then donate the total amount at the end of 2 weeks directly to the Philippine Red Cross. Please provide us your name, mailing address, email address, character you’d like drawn, and your artist of choice in the MESSAGE box. You can choose between Peng-Peng, theFranchize, or Flash to draw your sketch. You can email INFO@IDENTITYCOMICS.COM to let us know what we can draw for you!

We’re running this sale for 2 weeks from Nov. 18th till Dec. 2nd. We plan on mailing out all art starting Dec. 9th. All sketches will be drawn on 5.5x8.5” cardstock paper. At the end of each week we will post names and how many sketches they’ve requested on so that you know exactly how much donations we’ve received and exactly what we’re sending to the Philippine Red Cross. This is part of our effort to be as transparent and honest as possible.

We’re not a non-profit organization, we won’t have any forms to give you that you can use to write off your donations for tax purposes. We’re just 3 people trying to draw sketches in exchange for donations towards disaster relief. If you are uncomfortable about this, we completely understand and we highly encourage you to please give your donations directly to the Philippine Red Cross or other organizations that will help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

We’re asking you, our fans, to please consider donating and telling others you know via social media. Please use #sketchesforhaiyan on Twitter to spread the word. Donate AND get some art all at the same time. Everyone wins!!!

Feel free to visit our online portfolios/blogs to see samples of our work.

Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord – |

Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord – |

Bryan “Flash” Turner – |

Monday, November 11, 2013

Con Season wrap up

Me! theFranchize

 This convention season has been incredible. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my comics career so far. The Identity Comics team and I did about 20 shows this year between April and November. We traveled all over the country, met amazing creators and fans and just plain had a great time. The last leg of the con tour was pretty rough. The project deadlines and short work weeks really took a toll on me. In the end it was all worth it though. I'll probably never do that many shows again in one year, but it was a hell of an experience.
cool spidey and black cat cos players

comission colabo with Penelope(peng-peng) Gaylord, Bryan (Flash) Turner and me!

the Shredder Triumphant!

I want to through out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support us at a con this year. Having the opportunity to meet you and talk shop at each show has been fantastic.

So now that con season is pretty much over I'll be getting back to what I do best...DRAWING COMICS. I'm cooking up some new projects right now that I can't say too much about right now, but I'll be letting you all in on everything in the coming weeks. I also, just recently worked on an issue of Sonic the Hedgehog, and I'm working on a bunch of cover that will be coming out over the next few
Supergirl and Thor colab by Peng, Domo Stanton, and me!

Supergirl cosplayer!

regular show sketch!

This moth will also see the final issue of Fanboys vs Zombies. The entire creative team and I poured ourselves into this one. It's one of the best issues of the series and I promise the ending won't let you down. If you have enjoyed the series so far then this final issue will blow you away.

I'll be back with more updates next week, guys.


Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hey everyone! Things are super busy right now. I'm back on the con schedule and my next stop is WV POP CON in Morgantown WV. The show is this weekend August 24thy and 25th. Peng and I will both be there all weekend signing Adventure Time Regular show, Fanboys Vs Zombies and anything else you might want us to sign. Come on out and say hi. It's gonna be a great time!

Oh and check out this new TMNT piece Gabriel Cassata and I worked up. I won't have it as a print in time for POP CON, but I will have it for Baltimore. Watch out for it!

TMNT lines by me colors by Gabriel Cassata

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Come see the ID Comics Crew this weekend at Otakon!

 Otakon is this WEEKEND! Man this con season is flying by. So me and the ID Comics Crew will be set up and selling prints comics, and doing sketches all weekend long. If you are going to the show this year be sure to come by and hang out with us for a bit. we can chat and talk comics and anime all weekend. We will be in Artist Alley and see us at TABLES T04-T05! Peng-Peng Flash, and I will all be there! looks like we'll have our backs to the left wall this year.

And in other news. FVZ is going strong. here is a look at the process for putting together the cover for issue 18

FVZ issue 19 cover colors by Gabriel Cassata

FVZ issue 19 cover inks by ME!

FVZ issue 19 cover thumb by ME!

New character sketches by Me!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Harvey Nomination and SDCC

FVZ 16 cover thumb 1
FVZ cover thumb2
FVZ 16 Cover inks

FVZ 16 Cover colors by Gabriel Cassata

FVZ 16 pg 1 inks

FVZ 16 pg 2 inks

FVZ issue 17 cover thumb
FVZ 17 Cover inks
FVZ cover colors by GabrielCassata

FVZ 18 cover thumb
FVZ 18 cover inks

FVZ cover colors by Gabriel Cassata

WOW. Where do I start? So right before leaving for SDCC I found out that I was nominated for a HARVEY AWARD! IT's crazy. Fanboys Vs Zombies was my first big comic project and I've only been working on it for about a year and a half... to be nominated for a Harvey at this point is a huge deal for me. The category is Most Promising New Talent. I can hardly believe that I made the ballot. It's humbling and encouraging to know that people out there are really enjoying my work. The Harvey Awards Dinner is held at the Baltimore Comic Con every year so this year will be extra special for me. It's just a few months away and I don't even know if I can survive all the anticipation!

FVZ is still moving along. The last arc was a pretty big deal. It was probably the most challenging arc to draw because con season has been in full swing. There have been so many weeks of traveling that it has made working on the book pretty tough. Every time I got out of town for a con it means I only have a 2 day work week. Even still I've managed to put out work that I'm proud of, but I'm really looking forward to finishing issue 18 with a full month to work on it.

So for this post I really want to showcase more FVZ  in honor of my nomination. I have been doing a terrible job of post FVZ stuff here so I figure these cover images and process pieces will work out pretty nicely. I'm especially excited about issue 18 with the Walking Dead Homage cover. I'll post photos from SDCC next post.


Friday, July 12, 2013

SDCC and Pre Con Sale

Commission Samples:
Wonder WOman and Superman commission on Avengers sketch cover!
80s Zatanna!

Batwoman and Booster Gold


@ really cool Fanboys vs Zombies!

Batman and Robin

Amanda from FVZ doing what she does best!

It's that wonderfull time of year again! Comic Con is just a few days away. Time to start packing and getting set for a trip to the other side of the US for some good times and of coarse comics! I'll be making the Boom! Studios/ Archaia booth 2229 home the for the entire show. I'll be signing along with my fellow ID Comics studio mates Peng, Flash, and maybe even Domo. I also expect to be signing with Shane Houghton and Sam Humphries over the coarse of the show. Bring your entire FVZ collection and I'll be glad to sign em up. And if you missed an issue I'm sure we can fix that too!

I'll be doing quick sketches at the table all weekend, but I won't be accepting full commissions. So I decided I would do a presale for SDCC. You can order your commission now and pick them up from me at the con. I'm only opening 5 slots so if you are interested in getting a commission please e-mail me soon


$50 full figure pencil 9x12
$75 full figure inks 9x12
$100 full figure traditional color 9x12
Busts are half price.

(all prices are per character.)

I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of you at the con and hanging out on Thursday night at the Boom!/Archaia after party. It's free to get in and all of us Boom! creators will be hanging out late.The party will be at  the Hilton Bayfront Odysea Bar and it starts at 9pm.

SO hurry and contact me about your SDCC commission and I'll see you in San Diego!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Man of Steel Review

Superman breakin sum chains! Lines by me

Line up of Superman cast in my style

I'm a little late to throw my 2 cents in on Man of Steel, but I can't go another day without weighing in on it. First off I gotta say that I'm a huge Superman Fan. You probably already know that, but I figure I have to get that out in the open. I went into this bad boy as open minded as I could. I wanted to leave all my Superman baggage at the door and just take in the flick and let it be it's own thing.

So I gotta say I flat out loved the movie. I think some of the critics have been overly harsh and really missed the point of the movie. Zach Snyder and crew set out to tell a fun, fast paced action story and they did a hell of a job. The entire movie was just breath taking and the visual effects just blew me away. All the actors did a great job. Amy Adams was a fantastic Lois. She really brought heart to the character and made her believable and relatable. Lois wasn't just a damsel in distress. She was a touchstone for Superman's humanity. Henry Cavil as Clark/Superman was amazing as well. I wasn't sure what to expect from him, but first off he was huge! He put on a lot of muscle to fill Superman's boots. It was a huge jump from the last movie I saw him in (Immortals). He did a great job on his American accent and his acting was on the money. There where opportunities for him to really show some range and emotion and I was totally sold.The Kryptonian villains also brought their A game. I couldn't have asked for better casting in a Super hero film.

I won't go to deep into the play by play of the movie, but i think the big thing that rubbed critics the wrong way was the violence in the movie. SPOILER ALERT At the end of the movie's climactic battle with Superman and Zod a huge chunk of Metropolis has been reduced to ash and the 2 Kryptonians duke it out over what's left of the city. Things really get amped up and the fists fly. The scene itself is pretty brutal, but I think that it's totally necessary to lead to the films ultimate conclusion. When all else fails and it is obvious that Zod will never stop trying to kill Superman and destroy the human race Kal has no choice but to kill Zod. The tension at this point of the movie was so tense in the theater that everyone in the audience gasped at the sound of Zod's neck breaking. I know that on it's face peopl are expecting that Superman would have found another way or maybe that is something Superman simply wouldn't do. I would argue that Superman has actually killed Zod in the comics before ( in an execution no less). I honestly feel like it was best for the moment in the movie and I think the makers of the movie pulled so much from the comics to make a good movie that this was something they simply couldn't ignore. Not to mention it's tough to surprise people when it comes to Superman and they did just that.

Ive seen Man of Steel twice and I'm hoping to catch it in theaters at least one more time. I actually liked it better the second time! So if you are on the fence I say you gotta get out there treat yourself to one great movie.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back From Wizard Philly Off to Heroes

The Franchize and Superman? who needs the JLA?

Amanda sketch cover commission
Flash. Peng, and Me.

Batman sketch cover commission. I had waaaay too much fun on this
just the inks
more Bats!

TheFranchize bot 2031

Amanda cosplaying as Harley Quinn!

another fun commission piece!

I hardly know where to start. Wizard World Philly was just amazing. The ID Comics team and I had a great time and we probably did more commission pieces than we ever have at a single show. I really want to thank everyone who came out and hung with us. You all really made this trip to Philly an amazing one. I really can't wait to go back next year.

The photos I'm posting are from all the great stuff that happened at the show, plus all the cool commission pieces.

Oh yeah, and maybe most importantly, I got to meet Superman! yup Brandon Routh in the flesh. It was fantastic.

Up next is Heroes in Charlotte. We always have a great time at Heroes so I figure this trip is gonna be pretty bananas. Peng and I will be hanging out at the BOOM! booth chatting and doing sketches while Flash holds down the fort in Artist Alley at tables AA218/AA219. So if you are gonna be in the area you gotta come out and say hey. 

See ya there!

Monday, May 27, 2013

More Cons and Philly on Deck

Free Comic Book Day at Third Eye Comics in Annapolise
 Alison and Karen, 2 thirds of The-Hangout on (and me!). They are both pretty awesome ladies.
A bunch of commission pieces by me and the ID Crew at Motor City Con

bunch of stuff goin on at C2E2!
Cos play at Motor City
Brian and Carrie got engaged right at our booth at Motor City Comic Con! It was pretty awesome!

 Everything is going like 90 miles an hour! More cons happening than I have ever done before and it's been great! C2E2, Free Comic Book Day, and Motor City are in the books with Philly up next. Each show has been amazing and I just wanna say thank you to everyone who comes by to hang out with me and the ID Comics crew. You all really make doing comics the best job on earth and I wouldn't dream of doing anything else.

So I figure it would be cool to share a few photos from my most recent shows. That way you oguys can see how much fun goes down at a con!

I also wanna throw some love at the guys at Drunk on Comics.  They made it possible for us to come out to Motor City and we had a great time. We did a quick interview for their show so head on over to the Drunk on Comics site and give it a listen!