Friday, January 25, 2013

Design stuff

One of the best things about working on Fanboys vs Zombies is the freedom I'm given in terms of character design. With each arc so far there has been an opportunity to make some changes to each characters look.  I know it helps keep the book fun to draw, and hopefully fans of the book enjoy the change of pace too.

SO today I just wanted to share some of the sketches I've done to get ready to jump into a new story arc.

Amanda is the very first character I got to create from scratch. She is also my favorite character in the book

This character is the bad guy from the second arc. He got his name changed to Gunther in the book.
I was really excited when I got the chance to design Brendan. He is one of the most fun characters to draw. On a side note I modled him after Super Star artist and super cool guy Khary Randolph

Now in color!

Concepts for Drake as a ghostly spirit
My very first attempts at redesigning Burger and Rob. Initially I really wanted them to look like bad ass zombie killers. I also wanted to push the idea that Rob is really into Star Wars in a visual sense.

This is more or less what we ended up going with. scaled back, but still very tough and more easily recognizable as the guys from the first arc

My idea for these designs for the cast going into the second arc was that it's been a month or so since we last saw our guys and they have really adapted to the situation. and being Fanboys and girls they are really embracing the badass post apocalypse idea

for the third arc I wanted to reach back and kinda let each characters personality show through there cloths. kinda like this is who they really are kinda thing

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  1. I love the sketches!! Awesome post showing them all!!!