Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thank You

FVZ #12 thumb by Jerry Gaylord (me!)
FVZ #12 pencil art by Jerry Gaylord (me!)
FVZ #12 inks by Jerry Gaylord (me!)

FVZ #12 finished cover art by Jerry Gaylord (me!) colors by Gabriel Cassata

This is a quick look at some of the steps that went into creating the cover for  issue 12 of Fanboys Vs Zombies. I am having way too much fun drawing this book. It's just crazy. I was really proud of this one so I actually took the time to scan the pencil art before I went to inks.

WOW. I know everyone on the internet is doing 2012 recaps right now, so I'm gonna skip that. What I am gonna do is take a second to say thank you. This has been the most amazing year of my career and it's all because nice folks like you get out there pick up my comics and are kind enough to come say hi and pick up a sketch or a print. So again, Thank You for everything. I'm gonna do my best to keep turning out new stuff in 2013. Things are already looking promising so keep an eye on me. This year is gonna be big.

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  1. Jerry...the cover is OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD! Love the subject material, the location, the positioning of the characters, their respective poses, the amazing coloring! You nailed this one! An instant "classic" in the annals of comic cover history! I don't think I've EVER SEEN folks fighting on the Vegas Sign before! SO COOL!