Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Behind the Fanboy

It's been a little while since I posted any Fanboys Vs Zombies art and I thought I should really fix that. A lot has happened to the wrecking crew n the last few issues and I gotta get you all up to speed. I'm really enjoying working with Shane Houghton on the book. He really has a great sense of story and comedy. Hopefully you guys think so too.

I'll be at a bunch of cons this year so if you bump into me at a show I'll probably have some original art with me and I'm always happy show the pages. So come on out and say hi!

FVZ #9 pg 1 rough

FVZ # 9 pg 1 ink We poke some fun at The Walking Dead. In the final colored version the top panel is in black and white
FVZ #9 page 4 rough
FVZ #9 page 4ink

FVZ #9 page 22 rough
FVZ #9 page 22 ink. THe Triumphant return of Rob and Burger!

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