Friday, April 5, 2013

Commissions Closed

I just want to throw a huge thank you out to everyone who picked up a commission during the sale. You guys are awesome. I'm hard at work now putting those bad boys together so as they get done I'll start sending them out and contacting you individually to let you know when the art has been shipped.

Thanks again. Yall are the best!


  1. So do you have an agent or business person that figures out your shows & how you price stuff? Or is it from all experience? I'm an artist too & would love to figure out how to make scratch from my scratchings...

    TJ Morris

    1. I don't use an agent. I pretty much handle all my bushiness stuff on my own or with the help of my wife (who is also my studio mate). I just promote as much as I can online and at shows. There is a lot of leg work to get things lined up, but I'm not sure I would feel comfortable trusting my business decisions to some one else