Monday, April 1, 2013


Convention season is here yall! I have a bunch of shows scheduled so far and I'm planning on adding more. Check out the right side of my blog here for an up to date list of this year's shows. So of course I gotta have some brand new art to sell. I've been working on this one off and on since last year's New York Comic Con. I gotta give a huge thank you to Gabriel Cassata who did an amazing job on colors. You can check out his work every month on my Fanboys vs Zombies covers. enjoy!

I roughed this bad boy out in graphite. I almost NEVER do that
tightened everything up and even added a couple X-men. can u find em?

all finished up. colors are right over the pencil art. Gabriel Cassata did a fantastic job on colors


  1. "spot the difference" is my favorite game! now u throw in a word search and i'm all about it! =P