Friday, July 26, 2013

Harvey Nomination and SDCC

FVZ 16 cover thumb 1
FVZ cover thumb2
FVZ 16 Cover inks

FVZ 16 Cover colors by Gabriel Cassata

FVZ 16 pg 1 inks

FVZ 16 pg 2 inks

FVZ issue 17 cover thumb
FVZ 17 Cover inks
FVZ cover colors by GabrielCassata

FVZ 18 cover thumb
FVZ 18 cover inks

FVZ cover colors by Gabriel Cassata

WOW. Where do I start? So right before leaving for SDCC I found out that I was nominated for a HARVEY AWARD! IT's crazy. Fanboys Vs Zombies was my first big comic project and I've only been working on it for about a year and a half... to be nominated for a Harvey at this point is a huge deal for me. The category is Most Promising New Talent. I can hardly believe that I made the ballot. It's humbling and encouraging to know that people out there are really enjoying my work. The Harvey Awards Dinner is held at the Baltimore Comic Con every year so this year will be extra special for me. It's just a few months away and I don't even know if I can survive all the anticipation!

FVZ is still moving along. The last arc was a pretty big deal. It was probably the most challenging arc to draw because con season has been in full swing. There have been so many weeks of traveling that it has made working on the book pretty tough. Every time I got out of town for a con it means I only have a 2 day work week. Even still I've managed to put out work that I'm proud of, but I'm really looking forward to finishing issue 18 with a full month to work on it.

So for this post I really want to showcase more FVZ  in honor of my nomination. I have been doing a terrible job of post FVZ stuff here so I figure these cover images and process pieces will work out pretty nicely. I'm especially excited about issue 18 with the Walking Dead Homage cover. I'll post photos from SDCC next post.


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