Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Come see the ID Comics Crew this weekend at Otakon!

 Otakon is this WEEKEND! Man this con season is flying by. So me and the ID Comics Crew will be set up and selling prints comics, and doing sketches all weekend long. If you are going to the show this year be sure to come by and hang out with us for a bit. we can chat and talk comics and anime all weekend. We will be in Artist Alley and see us at TABLES T04-T05! Peng-Peng Flash, and I will all be there! looks like we'll have our backs to the left wall this year.

And in other news. FVZ is going strong. here is a look at the process for putting together the cover for issue 18

FVZ issue 19 cover colors by Gabriel Cassata

FVZ issue 19 cover inks by ME!

FVZ issue 19 cover thumb by ME!

New character sketches by Me!

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