Tuesday, June 28, 2016

KickStarter CountDown

  The Identity Comics Studio is returning to it's roots and going back to self publishing! Our kickstarter will go live on July 11th (that's 7/11!) We are producing our first anthology in 10 years, The BluePrint 2! The book will feature stories written and drawn by the studio artists PENG, FLASH, and myself and with writting by our pals Kenny Groom and Jeffery and Susan Bridges.

My primary contribution to the book is the return of Hyperboy! I created him way back in the late 90s and the team and I produced the first comic back in o6. I've always wanted to come back to the character and the BluePrint has given me the chance to bring him back and give him the update he deserves.

We can't do it with out your help! Please consider supporting our kickstarter. We'll be offering some great rewards including original art from the book and custom commissions. This is a labor of love and we want you to be a part of it!

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