I do illustrations for many different clients from sequential pages for independent comic creators, storyboards for online videos for companies, and logos for small businesses. If you are interested in illustrations like that, contact me at  to inquire pricing.

If you are interested in a personal commissioned piece or gift, here's all the info you need to know!

  • I draw on 11x17" Smooth Bristol paper (90 lb.)
  • I do all my colors digitally, usually on Photoshop, and i color over my pencils (artwork won't be inked).
  • I don't typically do inked artwork simply because it's not my strong suit. If you must have your art inked, let me know and we can work out pricing for that depending on complexity of the piece.
  • I ship anywhere in the US/Canada for a flat fee of $10. Outside that, please contact me for pricing. (No shipping charge if you only want the digital files.)
  • I take Paypal payments!
  • I ship artwork in flattened cardboard boxes with lots of tape.
  • If you opt for colors, your commission package will include the original artwork and a print of the finished piece on 8.5x11" glossy paper. The high-res file of the colored work for printing (in PDF format) will be emailed (probably through YouSendIt) along with a low-res version for online posting (in JPG format).
  • All prices below are based on a SINGLE CHARACTER commission with little or no backgrounds.
  • Additional characters and backgrounds have extra fees
  • I don't normally show preliminary sketches or progress shots as it oftentimes hinders progress, delays the finished piece, and ends up not always looking the way I had envisioned. So if you have a specific look or pose in mind, please tell me all details in the beginning.


I may include some crosshatching if the situation calls for it, but for the most part I leave the art fairly open.
My art looks best when colored so please keep that in mind. I digitally color over my pencils so the art will not be inked.

My commissions are usually little to no backgrounds so if you'd like a scene like this, it's an extra fee.

Each additional character is priced like a separate commission, even if they are in the same illustration because I don't put less effort into any of them. So 2 characters in color is $400, 3 characters pencils only is $300, etc.